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Yes Bank : An Attempt through Astrological Insights : Doomed or Bloomed ? Rana Kapoor or Ravneet Gill ?

October 5, 2019 | Financial Astrology


Following is the Corporate Horoscope of Yes Bank. The day & place the bank was founded is taken as the birth details for making of the horoscope. Asc is being analysed from Moon Asc and specifically taken post 9 AM and before 6PM (office hours).

Yes Bank Horoscope

Virgo is Moon Sign. We find that 4th from Virgo is aspected by Saturn from Gemini sign and Rahu from Aries. Hence, Sagittarius sign is highly afflicted. Further, Mandi also occupies during the day of incorporation of the bank assuming working office hours.4th house is the house of masses and it connects with the general public. 

In Transit Saturn and Ketu both have been occupying it since March 2019. In March the stock price was ruling at more than 280 and it fell to low of 29 in October 1st week. No doubt the impact the Yes Bank is going through is more of an impact of almost death inflicting planets and a phase of Die or Revive. 

4th house is the house of masses and the company should have to positively connect with the masses and more so for a bank who has to deal with general public. It will happen once the negative influences are removed from this Sagittarius sign. 

Jupiter transit to Sagittarius would commence in End Oct/Nov 2019. and it would largely diminish this negative impacts. Post Jan 2020, Saturn would also move from Sagittarius to Capricorn which will all the more relieving for Yes Bank. Around November 2019 to March 2020, there will be highly abrupt movement in the prices of this stock and investors of Yes Bank would keep getting the positive news.  

Low of 29 made translates to Krittika Nakshtra first Navamsha Pada. Ideally it should have touched Bharani Nakshatra 4th pada which translates to 23.60 to 26.65. Aries 25 degrees translating to price of 25 is again a important point where in Natal chart whereabout Rahu is also posited. 

Immediate Important Dates for Yes Bank which one should watch out for is 

  1. 9th Oct 2019
  2. 24th Oct 2019
  3. 4th Nov 2019
  4. 21st Nov 2019
  5. 29th Nov 2019
  6. 18th Dec 2019 (15th to 25th Dec entirely is imp)
  7. 14th Jan 2020
  8. 21st Jan 2020
  9. 3rd Feb 2020 (31st Jan 2020 to Feb 13th 2020 entirely is imp)
  10. 16th Feb 2020
  11. 28th March 2020

Jupiter had crossed 25 degrees at natal Ketu/Trine Rahu, when the stock made a high of 405 on Sept 20,2018. On 2nd April 2019, Saturn was degrecally in trine with Rahu when price reversed from highs of 282

Rana Kapoor OR Ravneet Singh Gill ?

Rana Kapoor OR Ravneet Singh Gill
  • Yes Bank aggregates to 19 which is symbolic of Number 1 and planet Sun. 
  • Rana Kapoor aggregates to 36 which equivalents to Number 9 and symbols Mars planet. Further, Rana Kapoor date of birth as available is 9/9/1957. So his Birth date number is also 9 and Destiny number is 40 representing Rahu. Number 9 does makes a person super aggressive getting Martian qualities however, with destiny number 40 , Rahu also brings about destruction in such aggression. Its a cycle and it begins and it also gets completed. 
  • Ravneet Singh Gill: I couldn`t find the date of birth however, his name number is 55 equivalent to 1 and Sun. Sun represents creation and maintenance and spreading light. It also goes in Sync with Yes Bank number of 1. 

Hence, it can be fairly deduced that Ravneet Singh Gill will do more constructive activities for investors of Yes Bank in Long term and in line with organisational strategies and objectives.

Further, 20th year of the Yes Bank will be a major year. So between Nov 2022 to Nov 2023, something significant may happen with Yes Bank as an organisation.

Disclaimer: This article is only an attempt to gain insight of the situation of the publicly known bank through applying principles of Astrology and these are only important and relevant for Students of Astrology. There is no recommendation on the buying or selling of the stock or any other opinion with a view to make financial or non-financial gain or loss.

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