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Can Astrology Predict Longevity & Age ?

August 24, 2019 | Astrology, Horoscope, Politicians

Indian Vedic Astrology can surely predict even the date and hours of the death of a person. Death is a transformation, a major transformation for one`s soul. It is a transformation of soul wherein it leaves one body and enters another or gets Moksha. Our ancient Saints/Rishis have provided us with many kind of techniques and methods to determine the longevity of a person. The date of death is also predictable however astrologer needs to be adept in finding out the same and the horoscope must be accurate to the second. I am just highlighting horoscope of Indira Gandhi and explaining briefly how an astrologer checks the happening of this event. Its a post-facto analysis, and as an astrologer we do not ever predict before hand to the native on his longevity, even though an astrologer may see it clearly in the horoscope. The explanations used below are just tip of the ice as too many complex analysis is required and employing methods to find the exact age.

Chart of Indira Gandhi

Above is the chart of Indira Gandhi- Cancer Ascendant at 25.7 degrees.
Saturn, the lord of 7th (marak house) & 8th (house of longevity) is situated in the Ascendant. She was running 67th year of her age on the day she was assassinated ( 30th Oct 1984) just 19 days behind the completion of 67th year. As per methods to find age, her longevity is coming at min 66.98 years and (Long to Medium age).

Now first lets gaze which all planets are capable of inflicting death on the native. Lord of 2nd and 7th house are strongest in inflicting death. However, Sun generally do not cause these extreme circumstance and hence Saturn remains very strong marak. Venus is lord of 64th Navamsha from Moon as well as Ascendant & also Lord of 22nd Drekkana from Asc. Hence, Venus is Very Strong Marak planet for her. Rahu is in 6th house conjunct with Venus and hence Rahu has absorbed strong Marak power from Venus plus Rahu is in Mrityu Bhaag which makes Rahu a very deadly marak. 67th year of age activates the 7th house which is again a Marak house. 

Dasha Running at the time of Death
It may be seen that at the time of her death dasha running was Saturn / Rahu/ Rahu/ Venus. Hence, It is a prabal marak time as already explained how Saturn/Rahu/Venus are strong Maraka planets and they become strong karaka for inflicting Death in her horoscope. 2nd Part of Saturn dasha is strongly issuing effects of 7th house which again is a Marak.

Transit Check
Remember, Honorable C S Patel sir`s dictum, “Whenever lord of 64th Navamsha to Moon and Lord of 22nd Drekkana to Asc planets happen to transit a point deprived of an auspicious bindu after 2 sodhanas are carried out and if that KAKSHYA happens to be owned by transiting planets, DEATH is unavoidable”. On the date of death 31st October 1984, Venus was travelling at 18 degree 15 minutes at Scorpion. Venus being both as qualified by Patel Saheb, is transiting its own Kakshya and at the same point there is no auspicious bindu contributed by Venus. Further, 8 out of 9 planets on 31st October 1984 were transiting the Kakshya of those planets which havent donated auspicious bindu to the transiting planet. Saturn is transiting at Libra and Rahu is transiting in Taurus- both the signs owned by Venus. Rahu Venus also mutually aspecting each other in transit giving strength to Rahu. Saturn further aspecting the Lagna. Saturn in Navamsha is transiting the Taurus navamsha which is 64th Navamsha from Moon. Hence, transit wise strong position of the planets inflicting strong marak effect on the native.

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