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  • What is your view on Astrology ? Whether any person can change his future through his Karma ?

    Astrology is believed to be one of the 6 fruits of the Vedas and without study of Astrology, study of Vedas cannot be said to be complete. Astrology again is sub-divided into many part out of which predictive portion forms small part of it. This science of Astrology is used to improve one`s soul and it is understood that with advanced study of Astrology it is also possible to find out at what stage of evolution a person presently is in and whether there is any possibility of making further progress or not.

    With great reverence to great Shri C J Krishnaswamy ji, Karmas are said to be of three kinds: 1. Sanchitha 2. Prarabdha 3. Agami

    Sanchitha is the store house of all your actions, good or bad or indifferent of all your previous lives. The twelfth house of a horoscope represents the same. The 5th house of a horoscope represents the Prarabdha. That much which you have taken out of the Sanchintha to spend during the present life is Prarabdha (fifth house). Agami as may be understood is the karma which you create in present life (10th house) and which again becomes Sanchintha of the next life. Your Prarabdha can lead you to fixed part of present life, but then with the help of knowledge of Astrology and own free will (represented by the Upachaya Houses), it would help you to create Agami, for your Agami becomes Sanchitha which in turn becomes Prarabdha of some other life. Hence, Astrology is not a fatalistic science and Man is not an automation in the hands of fate. There is the free will in human.

    No doubt destiny or Prarabdha may incline the native to a certain extent, but the native should never be its plaything. The purpose of the science is to minimise the trouble of every individual by proper advice and counsel and not to magnify it to the detriment of the individual. To be fore-warned is to be fore-armed. This science is not at all obligatory or dictatorial or fatalistic. It is highly advisory and a guide for people who can see. Of course to the blind, the science is blind. This science must be the handmaid of the individual and not at all the mistress and all this is written with the intention of stimulating thought and enquiry on the philosophic aspect of Astrology.

  • Is Astrology a Science? What's the science behind Astrology?

    Whether you believe it or not but Astrology is a Science. It is a complex science. Whatever Astrologers predict, they predict on the base of certain scientific rules but very complex. Astrology is a group of systems, traditions, and beliefs in which knowledge of the apparent relative positions of celestial bodies and related details is held to be useful in understanding, interpreting, and organizing information about personality, human affairs, and other terrestrial matters. A zodiac of 360 degree can be divided into 1800 parts, where again each planet posited in each different 1800 parts gives different results. In every 48 seconds maximum the results may vary of different native born and at different places.

    Not only the Science can be applied in human life but also it can be applied in the financial markets, nations, and other matters whatever you can think of. The Sun Sign or Moon sign do not solitarily create all the characteristics present in a Person. The Ascendant (The Sign rising on the Eastern horizon at the time of Birth, from the Birth place) has a major part to play too in the Nature Persona- of the person.

  • If Astrology is true, then why can`t God change anything? Who is God ?

    As explained earlier, the Prarabdha is created by person himself through his Karma and God does not intervene mostly in this “Vidhi Ka Vidhaan”. The karma has to be examined from the 10th house of the horoscope. The house of Karma has to be examined in the same way to find out how far the native is going to put into practice the advice through his Guru. Even when God Shri Ram and Shri Krishna were in human Avatar, they could not escape the adversities of 14 year exile etc. Hence, it is a firm belief that even God would not necessarily change the “Vidhi ka Vidhaan”.

    Some people learn by fear, some by love, some by kindness, some from charity and there are so many diverse methods by which a person learns. Perhaps this is the reason why there is a big Hindu pantheon of Gods. Kali, the terrible; Siva, the kind-hearted; Parvati, the good; and so on. Yet, these are all forms of the same God, the same infinity, or same energy or by whatever name one may choose to call. Man is given the choice according as his mental development allows him to understand, and Sri Krishna has said in the Bhagavat Gita that “He Is Everything“.

  • How did you learn Astrology or got interested into Astrology ?

    It was myself who was unaware of this mystic science. However when I was young about 22 years age, I had gone to one Astrologer (Mr. Vijay Goyal ji in Kolkata) and he made my horoscope and predicted certain things which made me believe that there is something in this study and it must be scientific else right predictions cannot be done. Having come home and gone through the Mahadasha periods and dates when the dasha/antardasha was changing, I could relate the changes in my life happening. This led me to inquisitiveness towards this divine knowledge and I than kept visiting and spent millions of hours with Vijay uncle to learn astrology. He has been my first & foremost Guru.

  • How does Horoscope work ?

    Astrology is a divine science though which one may glean into the horoscope to find out the future or Prarabdha of the person through this divine science. Predictive astrology would help in changing one`s karma so as to achieve its path of life in a smoother manner.

  • Do you see all the people`s horoscope whoever approaches you ?

    No. At times the horoscope does indicate that there are certain combinations which may prevent me pursuant to my principles to avoid giving a consultation. Hence, accordingly I take exception and avoid confirming the consultation appointments.

  • How does Astrology influence a person's life?

    It wouldn’t be correct to say that Astrology influences a person`s life. Infact any person`s life plan has been fixed as per his karma and God`s will. Astrology is a science which helps one in knowing about that Life Plan. As per the belief, God would not generally change or interfere in the Life plan of a person, however, you may with the guidance of Astrology, make the road to achieve the Life plan smoother or happier & of course you have the free will. You may always create karma of this life for better future. Astrology helps you to guide on your karma action. When you are on your way, Astrology tells you to open the Umbrella when it is about to rain, which otherwise one would have been treading drenched.

  • Can Astrology predict future?

    As said predictive Astrology allows us to look into the future of any person, nation, world, or any other matter. Hence, when analyzed correctly, one may predict the future accurately. However, it may be noted that this is the most difficult work for any astrologer because Astrology is a science with high complexities. Also native`s destiny is also important for him to get the accurate guidance.

  • What if prediction doesn’t go right?

    One thing is for sure. Astrology can never be wrong, Astrologers though can be. If the predictions doesn’t go correct, then my analysis would be incorrect. It would entail a fresh look at the horoscope and same may be needs for finding out the reasons why the predictions went incorrect. It is rightly said that a native too gets the correct guidance only if he/she is destined to.

  • Would my details be shared with anyone or whether any discussion points be made public ?

    I have vowed and its my basic principle to ensure confidentiality of the person who approaches me. Be 500% rest assured that your details are completely safe and confidential and nobody would have access to your data nor the data would be shared with any third party at any cost. Further, all the discussion which you would have will be kept within myself ONLY. Testimonials are displayed on my website imported from Google Page or FB Page or after specific approval from the person.

  • What do the horoscopes mean?

    Horoscope is the sketch of the planets position in the zodiac at the exact time and location where you were born.

  • Can horoscopes be very Bad?

    Horoscope can be good or bad is irrelevant. Through correct guidance one may change their karma and do the free will so that the bad effects are reduced.

  • Is it worth knowing future ?

    It is definitely worth knowing, because whatever would happen to one in his/her life, if they have slight guidance about it, they would be more prepared.  Astrology helps in understanding your strengths and weaknesses. It would help you to decide the smooth way of achieving your life plan. On spiritual lines it would help you understand your objective of your birth and mission in life. Proper guidance and following the remedies can further alleviate the negative issues and increase the positive influences. For some people, who are emotionally weak they would find it difficult to digest the bad time which may be coming, if any. However, if they get good guidance they would be prepared for the same. Astrologer at times throws up any negative only if they see it would be better for the native to receive it.

  • Would you suggest remedies which are very expensive?

    Remedies if required shall be always for devotion to God, Chanting Mantras, Wearing Stones, or any other acts. Remedies shall necessarily be required to be done by the native himself. Hence, remedies are not expensive at all. Further, you may be assured that no remedy shall be provided unless it is warranted as per the horoscope.

  • Can astrology predict age of any person?

    Yes prediction of life from Horoscope is certainly possible. However, for the purpose very minute calculation is required and the horoscope has to be accurate to the second. I use my methods for birth time rectification. Normally, I do not give death analysis to any living person. It is being analyzed only for specific purpose on a case to case basis.

  • Why do any two Astrologers give different predictions?

    It may be noted that Astrology is a science and only through a competent Astrologer combined with native`s destiny, one can receive accurate predictions.

  • I do not have my accurate birth details. How should I receive predictions?

    Without accurate birth details, it is not possible to prepare an accurate horoscope & without an accurate horoscope it is not possible to get correct predictions. However, if there is only margin of error of 15-20 mins in the time of birth, accurate horoscope may be done with Birth Time rectification. Birth time rectification may be done even if there is margin of error of more than 15-20 mins, but I generally due to non-availability of time refuse to go ahead with that. In that case, one may approach any good Palmist who would be able to predict based on palm reading. Alternatively, there are also other separate methods in Vedic astrology to take a reading without having birth details.

  • Does horoscopes generated by computer and readings printed by computer as good as reading taken from an Astrologer?

    Computers appeared in India in late nineties. Computers have been a great help to mankind. Computers can perfectly prepare horoscope, (horoscope, is nothing more than a map of the heavens for a moment in time, from the point of view of a specific place on earth.) and do other calculation. However, interpretation of horoscope is something very different and with high complexities and time-consuming. Computer can accurately present the factual data but interpretation is difficult and only God blessed Astrologers can read the horoscopes well.

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