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Did Divya Bharti commit suicide or was murdered? Unveiling Death Mystery of Divya Bharti through her Horoscope.

May 22, 2020 | Astrology, Celebrity Horoscope, Horoscope

Divya Bharti was one of my most favourite actress. I was in my childhood around 12 years old when i got to know of such premature demise of Divya Bharti. Never knew that time, that i would grow up to be an astrologer and put down an analysis of her chart and put some light on the mystery which is yet to be resolved.

Divya Bharti (25 February 1974 – 5 April 1993) was an Indian Actress, who starred in Hindi and Telugu pictures in the early 1990s. She was well known for her acting versatility, vivacity and beauty, and she is regarded as one of the most popular and highest paid actresses of her time.

About Life of Divya Bharti

Divya Bharti met director-producer Sajid Nadiadwala through Govinda at the shooting of Shola Aur Shabnam, and they married on 10 May 1992. Divya Bharti and Sajid were married in a private ceremony, with the presence of her hairdresser-friend Sandhya, Sandhya’s husband and a Qazi at Nadiadwala’s Tulsi Buildings residence (in Mumbai). She converted to Islam after her marriage and changed her name to Sana Nadiadwala. Divya Bharti’s marriage with Sajid Nadiadwala was kept secret so that it would not affect her prosperous film career, which was on peak at that time.

Birth Details of Divya Bharti

Her date of birth was 25th Feb 1974, 11:20 PM at Mumbai. The birth time has been rectified so as to match it with the events in her life. Her Birth Chart is given as under:
Horoscope of Divya Bharti

Now lets analyse her horoscope and try to infer what exactly happened and how she died ? Whether Divya Bharti committed suicide, or whether Divya Bharti was murdered or whether Divya Bharti died of an accident ?

Her Asc is Libra and at 19 degree approx and Moon Sign is in Pisces. Hence the ascendant falls in the most auspicious Navamsha of Pisces which is a Pushkar Navamsha also. Ascendant lord Venus is situated in Capricorn and 4th house along with Arudha Lagna. Venus being in 4th house is very strong and exchange of retrograde Saturn and retrograde Mercury (5th and 9th house) being Trikona houses bestowed very early stupendous success to her. Venus in Capricorn (10th sign) indicates her career may be in acting field. Further, Jupiter in 5th house along with the exchange as highlighted suggests very strong combination for having a niche in acting. In such a short span of time, she gained name and fame and became top most actress at such young age. Venus though being in Capricorn also gives negative traits to a person and being under the influence of Venus dasha from 1988 onwards, she started shining in her acting career. Along with that she also had habit of drinking. Moon being so much afflicted and particularly Libra ascendant, it makes a person dis-balanced in emotions and the person becomes very moody. Sudden changes in moods are witnessed and the person ponders too much over trivial issues also. Person at times yells out of anger and out of moods and generally lacks stability in the mind or its thought process. Mind generally is more powerful than the brain. Person is very possessive of her family. Because of such afflicted Moon (being karaka of Mother), the person hardly gets the love of the mother or there is something which is always missing on mother front relationship. The person is also a believer of occult sciences like Astrology etc.

Alpayu Yoga- Why Divya Bharti Died So Young ?

Moon is afflicted in 6th house, and aspected by Saturn only. There is no benefic aspect on the Moon. However, with Moon alone in such combination does not inflict death at such a small age. In the horoscope there has to be short longevity from all other methods of deducing longevity. Students of astrology must not just look at this small combination and infer on the longevity because calculation of longevity is very very complex. Once must never apply to research longevity on a living person as it may be detrimental for your mental stability. As an Astrologer, i use these methods only for birth time rectification and/or until and unless it is essential to give a longevity assessment for the benefit of the native or his/her family.

As per the Ayurdaya methods, and specifically relative to the position of Hora Lagna, the longevity falls under Short which reflects age of less than 32 and under detailed calculation it shows just about 20 only. For example Saturn (the karaka of death) is situated in the 20th Navamsha from the First Navamsha sign of the zodiac. Degree of Asc is very important. In this case being 19 degree 4 mins, it does indicate after the completion of 19 years a major event is likely to take place in her life.

Timing of Death:

One important event which happened with her just prior to her death was that earlier, on that fateful day Divya Bharti had been to Neptune Apartments in Bandra West with a broker and had finalized a large flat that she was considering to buy. Getting a good flat in Mumbai wasn’t easy even at that times, so, Divya was privileged that day and was constantly describing her brother Kunal ‘nice four-bedroom apartment’ whom she adored so much. She was very happy of such a house purchase.

Further, she was married just 8–9 months back with Sajid Nadiadwala.

Now let us analyse how these two events activated the death for her. In the horoscope, 7th house lord Mars was in 8th house indicated that after her marriage she would go through a big transformation in his life. In her case, 8th house represented death and hence she passed away within 1 year of the marriage. Mars is situated in Krittika Nakshatra and Krittika also represents cutting or splitting. Purchase of the house activated Moon and Venus. Venus being lord of 8th house and Moon being under malefic influence was instrumental in bestowing death to her and activated her Alpayu Yoga. Venus aspecting Cancer also indicates that house would a lavish one – type of dream home for her. Mars being significant of property is in 8th house. Hence, the alpayu yoga indicates clearly after those events in life. Moon being in 6th house also indicates that she would be under mixed emotional fits just prior to her death. While she would be ecstatic of purchasing a dream home, she would also be irritated or under mental anxiety because of some other issues in life.

Now lets look at Dasha running at the time of death:

Vimshottari Dasha running was Venus- Sun-Venus- Saturn : Venus in progression reached at around Moon in 6th house on 5th April 1993. Moon is also the 10th lord (being 8th from 3rd house of longevity). Venus being lord of 8th house and Lord of 64th Navamsha to Moon is capable of afflicting very strong bad result.

Kaal Chakra Dasha Running was Pisces- Cancer: Again Moon is posited in Pisces in 6th house of accidents. Cancer being 10th house.

Shodashottari Dasha (being applicable in Divya Bharti Horoscope): Ketu-Jupiter-Venus-Mars: All pointing out towards the accidental death.

Transits: Saturn was transiting exactly on Jupiter being the lord of 3rd house (longevity) and 6th house (accident). Saturn in Navamsha was over Ketu and in trine to 8th lord Venus. Hence, it indicates a big negative time for the self. Saturn & Venus were both transiting in their own Kakshya. Saturn was also devoid of any auspicious bindu in Astakvarga.

Mode of Death. How did her death happen ?

In the late evening hours of 5 April 1993, Divya Bharti fell from the balcony window of her fifth-floor apartment in Tulsi Buildings, Versova, Andheri West (Mumbai). When her guests Neeta Lulla, Neeta’s husband Shyam, Divya’s maid Amrita, and neighbours realised what had happened, she was rushed in an ambulance to the emergency department at Cooper Hospital lying in a pool of blood, where she died. The cause of death was severe head injuries and internal bleeding. She was cremated on 7 April 1993 at the Vile Parle crematorium, Mumbai.

Astrologically, Mars in 8th house indicates an Accident. Ketu though being in 9th house (house of great heights) falls in 8th house in Bhava kundli and hence gives the colour of mystery in the death of the person. However, it does not confirm a murder also. Further 3rd house (being 8th from 8th) has Rahu in Sagittarius. Rahu and Sagittarius both indicates heights or peak.

Conclusion As detailed above, it may be brought to conclusion that Divya Bharti struck an accident by falling from heights on that fatal night of 5th April 1993. There was no indication of any suicide or a murder.

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