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All the testimonials have been imported from either my Facebook Page or from Google Page post specific approval from them. As an ethic, I follow utmost confidentiality and all the testimonials are given by the respective person on their own free will.

Amazing Solutions…

Amazing solutions over last 2 decades. his predictions were so precise in terms of timing, which really amaze.

Prashant Prahladka

April 10th, 2020

Satisfying experience…

Overall a very satisfying experience.

Gautam Jhunjhunwala

July 7,2019

Accurate Prediction

Accurate prediction and I also receive good guidance

Yatin Chaudhary

June 22,2019

Excellent Predictions

Excellent predictions by him

Rohit K Singhania

September 19, 2019

Sumit is wonderful

Sumit is wonderful with astrology. He has a keen understanding of the subject.

Sonal Agarwal

July 19, 2019

Sumit is very professional, patient and thorough

I admire Sumit’s (Astrology Solutions) knowledge of the astrology science and some of his past predictions that it forced me to meet him for my personal worries.

Sumit is very professional, patient and thorough in his analysis and explanation. All the best

Nishit Ladha

June 20, 2019

Excellent track record

Excellent track record of calling big events right and sticking to those calls. I have total trust.

Sourabh Makin

June 18, 2019

his knowledge about astrology is superb

Sumit is gem of person, his knowledge about astrology is superb, and above that he is very kind hearted person, he is always ready to help anybody. I would highly recommend to get solution for all ur worries. God bless u sumit.

Gita M Jain

June 17, 2019

his predictions are accurate

Sumit has a very good understanding of astrology and most of his predictions are accurate. Highly recommended!!

Ravi Kant Soni

June 26, 2019

He is the best astrologer ever I have found

Sumit guruji is highly professional astrologer.His prediction about general election is incomparable.He is the best astrologer ever I have found. Highly recommended..

Rohit Gupta

July 7, 2019

I have never seen anyone predict the future so well

I have never seen anyone predict the future so well..I have personally followed Sumit’s advices over the years and pleasantly surprised with how accuracy Sumit is able to read the horoscope..highly recommended

Amit Agarwal

September 21, 2019

Very startling and accurate predictions

Very startling and accurate predictions made by Astrology Solutions. Specially on election 2019 and on Modi horoscope. Also Prediction done for Sachin Tendulkar is recommendable. Keep it up.

Neha Agarwal

June 17, 2019

Predictions are very accurate and show the necessary directions

sumit has been my astrologer for 12 long years now. his predictions are very accurate and show the necessary directions to move forward without creating unnecessary hopes. he himself is a through professional which makes interaction with him a pleasant experience. he is a very down to earth and kind human guiding thousands in the right direction . highly

Monica Moolchandani

February 23, 2020

Best Astrologer I’ve ever meet!

He’s the best Astrologer I’ve ever meet! His predictions are way too accurate . Got very good vibes from him and he’s very Humble, highly recommend Sumit ji for Astrology.

Sonali Thareja

February 7, 2020

One of the best astrologers

one of the best astrologers. His many predictions have already matched for me. Accuracy was to the exact dates indeed. His analysis is very unique and high quality. Does not give unnecessary hopes. I am a person from Science and Technology and Summit also is a highly learned professional so during discussion I found him with a distinct approach. If you want to know truth go to him.

Pradeep Chhawchharia

November 1, 2019

Highly recommended

sumit sir knowledge about astrology is marvelous and uppermost .Highly recommended

Hitesh Agrawal

October 23, 2019