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Was Sushant Singh Rajput Libra? Whether he was Murdered?

August 30, 2020 | Astrology, Bollywood, Celebrity Horoscope, Horoscope

Murder of SSR

After I had put an analysis on SSR on 15th June with his time of birth as 2:29 AM (Link here) there have been flurry of messages asking me to analyse basis his time of birth as 11:30PM. However, there have been lot of requests suggesting to take his time of birth as 11:30 PM instead of 2:30AM. So I would like to put an analysis based on this time of birth and also look at possible horoscopes of other persons like Rhea Chakraborty, Sandeep SSingh, etc.

First lets analyse horoscope of SSR based on birth details 21st January 1986, 11:30 PM and place of birth as Purnia Bihar.

As per the horoscope, Ketu and Mars are conjunct in Ascendant, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Sun are conjunct in 4th house of fame in Capricorn. Moon is exalted in 7th house with aspect of Saturn from 2nd house in Scorpion. Sun & Venus are is Pushkar Navamsha and well placed and also 9th to Moon. Saturn has 3rd aspect on 4th house and 7th aspect in 8th house. Moon being lord of 10th house of career, is placed very strong and it brings sudden success and name and fame.

Since 2014 his Jupiter Dasha had begun. Immediately after the Jupiter dasha there should have been a change in its house. Being in capricorn sign, though debilitated but its aspected by Saturn and hence, 4–5 years of success in career was warranted. Especially Jupiter-Jupiter-Rahu and Jupiter-Saturn is very good for both money and fame. During these periods all the hit movies were released. After 4–5 years of beginning of Jupiter dasha, the effects of debilitation shows up and ofcourse it should be conjoined by some afflicted transits. Saturn transiting in 8th from Moon have been instrumental in bringing anxieties to him.

Mode & Timing of Death

Ayu-khand falls under short category. with maximum age of 34. However, exact calculation requires detailed analysis as his ayukhand ended at 34.17. The dasha running at time of birth was Jupiter/Mercury/Rahu/Moon. Jupiter & Rahu are prabal marak and moon being afflicted shows the possibility of end of life here. Longevity is a very detailed and difficult part of astrology. It needs a separate detailed article in itself to show the exact calculation of any person`s death. The ashtottari dasha is also applicable in the horoscope. And the same was Mars/Rahu/Venus running on 14th June 2020. Clearly all the marak planets in the horoscope where Mars/Rahu are Strong marak and Venus being lord of 8th house. Everything coinciding with the Ayukhand as well and hence the end of life happened. Other applicable dasha also shows the same.

Mercury is lord of 64th Navamsha to Moon and Venus is lord of 22nd drekkana from Asc. Both the planets are kharas and have important bearing in case of natural death of a person. The transit of both the planets doesnt suggest it as a natural death.

In case if suicide, the Asc, Asc lord and 7th house and 7th lord should show it clearly. In case of Scorpion Asc in my previous analysis taking time of birth as 2:29 AM showed clearly the same. In case of this horoscope, this isnt very strong. Only that Mars & Ketu are both occupying Asc. Mars & Ketu conjunction is a dangerous combination as this reflects surgery/cuts/wounds/inflictions/attacks etc.

Whether it can be a Murder ?

For murder to happen, 8th house should have serious affliction from malefics. Not only 8th house but also the 8th lord. In this case Saturn and Mars are aspecting 8th house as well as 8th lord and also they are aspecting 12th lord. It is definitely showing a case of murder and it happens suddenly as well.

8th lord Venus is placed in 4th house which suggest that his demise would activate the 4th house of fame and his name among the people. His death mystery has certainly done that. However, lets try to find out who may be involved in his murder.

Further as per the horoscope, around 10th September 2020, there could be a major disclosure on his death mystery.

Horoscope of Rhea Chakraborty

I have her only birth details which is 1st July 1992. Person born on this date are generally very shrewd and gets also involved in wrong activities and corruption etc. However, due to lack of her exact birth time, i am trying to discern from her Moon rashi.

Going ahead, Saturn and Jupiter would both transit in Capricorn which is 8th to Moon. This is certainly going to give lots and lots of anxieties to her. There are various ways to reduce the anxiety however i am not going to go deep into those. After 27th September, Saturn is going to become direct and it is going to severely affect her mental status. Jupiter alongwith would traverse after 18th november till April. It is likely to create bandhan for her and she may be detained and kept in custody. In any case impact it seems to have already begun, as she has to remain aloof to all media etc as Media is attacking her and her family strongly. Jupiter is in trine to Mars & Rahu both. Mercury is affected by Saturn`s aspect. Mercury in 2nd house in cancer provides strong ability to a person to speak diplomatically and untrue things. Most likely she would be undergoing Saturn-Rahu dasha, which is the further cause of her anxieties. Rahu is transiting over Moon, Sun, Venus, Ketu and it shall be over around 23rd September. Post this it is going to certainly add worries to her. Prima facie it does seems time ahead is not good for her, however if we get the exact birth details, it would become very easy to confirm the same. Further, it also suggest that she will be able to come back normal after those few years of her life are over.

Sandeep Ssingh Horoscope

His birth date is Sept 2nd, 1981 however exact time of birth is not known.

These kind of people are very intelligent and strategist. Mars & Rahu conjunction is the key in the horoscope however, only with exact birth time, we can analyse how exactly the results would be bestowed on him. Most likely he would be undergoing Jupiter-Rahu dasha, which actually is very nagative. Certainly, one thing is for sure, there is going to be a BIG change in his life during the time of Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in transit and when Rahu is in taurus. This happens during Nov to April period and we should certainly see a drastic change in his life during this period itself. Also the time when Mars is retrograde in Pisces is not a good time and he will remain under severe anxiety till the period. So from 4th October onwards till end of December 2020, the time would show the visibility how his Major changes in life would happen.

There would be more people involved and SSR`s demise would be reckoned as a cause of bringing a revolution after several years. Trust Truth comes out and God punishes the culprit if there is any foul play.

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