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June 14, 2020 | Astrology, Celebrity Horoscope, Horoscope, Politicians

Horoscope of Donald Trump

He is Leo Ascendant at 18 degree. His Birth details are June 14th, 1946, 10:54 Am, Jamaica, Newyork. His Horoscope is shown as under:

Mars in Asc gives a very fiery and dominating personality. Asc is in Pushkar Bhag which is auspicious and along with other auspicious combinations thus leading him to such heights as being the world`s most powerful person. Trump is very intelligent & highly business minded because of the placement of Jupiter and Mercury. Being a Leo he doesnt hesitate in getting aggressive.

However, the 4th house has Moon and Ketu very closely associated. Moon and Ketu are also aspected by Sun and Rahu. It gives a high amount of impatience to the native and person is not very happy within his heart as well as physical heart issues arrives. Hypertension and anxities keeps coming in whenever this combination is activated in his life.

This also results in person taking quick and at times makes decision which he regrets later on as a blunder. Some kind of enmity always remains and the person keeps fighting and he remains in a belligerent mood. Person should always be cautious of making wrong decisions in haste.

Mars at ascendant also signifies that he must have face one accident in life where his vehicle would have damaged however, he would not have even got a scratch.

Troubled & Impatient Trump

Coming to current times, the crucial cycle in his horoscope, which is combination of Ketu-Moon and Rahu-Sun is activated currently and will continue till November and later when the US election results are out. However, this time shows something weird and not a normal win scenario, it shows clearly that there shall be break in the jinx with severe mental un-settleness in mind.

4th house is the house of masses and it is important in relation to predicting the election results since the candidate is connected to masses. 4th house is also Trump`s Arudha Lagna.

Transit on November 3rd 2020: Negative i see is that few planets are transiting in Kakshya without any auspicious bindu in Astakwarga although Jupiter and Mercury are transiting in favourable kakshya in Astakvarga. On November 3rd, 2020, Ketu (south node) is travelling at exactly the conjunction of the natal Ketu & Moon in 4th house.

Ketu is a separative planet and it is associated with Moon and 4th house and hence would cause severe anxiety.  4th house is also house of masses.

Its time for Trump to do some charity. It will help in reducing his unsettled mind. Loss may be very infuriating for him.

Kaal Chakra Dasha running at the time in November 2020 is Libra-Libra-Libra. Hence all the concentration is on 3rd house which may not be too good. However, 10th from Libra is occupied by Saturn and Venus in Cancer having energies of 4th house indicating large section of people in US still favouring him and may stand strongly with him.

In applicable Astottari Dasha, Moon is starting since early September 2020. Moon, being lord of 12th house, again under influence of Ketu which is posited in Scorpion is under its strong influence. Ketu is in own house in Scorpio. However, moon is getting terribly disturbed which means strong anxiety over him during the period.

Jupiter Vimshottari dasha is running currently and Jupiter is affecting the 11th house in this year. Jupiter would be transiting in 64th Navamsha to the Natal Rahu which may cause sudden disappointment. Trump should be worried about his health a bit. It is important to contain anxiety.

Around the time of this election 2020, it should happen that while outwardly Trump would be showing full of confidence and strong, however, inwardly he would be under severe anxiety and his mind would remain very unsettled.

Further, something negative for his son may also shows up. Trump`s horoscope though shows something weird time, lets look at Joe Biden`s horoscope and find if anything may be concluded.

Horoscope of Joe Biden

Though as per the birth details given in Astrodatabank is 8:30 AM, I have rectified it to 8:29 AM.  Currently he is running 78th year and post November 20,2020 he would start the 79th Year.  He is of Scorpion Ascendant at 9 degree 56 Mins and Virgo Navamsha. His horoscope is given as under:

Jupiter is exalted however retrograde and aspected by Saturn. Also on the date of election result, Saturn would be degreecally aspecting Jupiter. Dasha running will be of Jup-Rahu-Jup. Transit Rahu would be over natal Saturn and Ketu would be travelling over ascendant. This transit is also very positive specially for upgradation of a position.

On 3rd Nov 2020, when going through the Astakvarga also the day is very positive. In KCD also it is running Pisces-Scorpio which is very positive. Jupiter is also activating the 10th house of horoscope on the date of election result. So it shows a very positive outlook.  

Confident but Emotional Joe Biden

However, it must be remembered that Joe Biden has a combination in his horoscope where a significant win activates a very bad Yoga and may be instrumental in a severe problem to self/family within couple of years of becoming President of US.

Mars retrograde in pisces in transit is issue more for Trump than Biden.


All in all it seems evident that the fight would be very tough and close one, which may end up in anyone`s favour. However, still it seems Joe Biden shall run ahead and win the battle, however we must not forget the bad activation on the great win if he would have. Whoever is elected US President, Mars would be retrograde on the date of outcome of the result. It is very likely that the elected person would not complete his entire tenure of appointment and may face unforeseen issues going forward.

Biden Over Trump


  1. Sir your predictions are based on facts and figures and it seems there is no biasness involved. I will wait till November to see the actual outcome and hope your speculation be correct as earlier.

  2. Interesting analysis… And not just for the election but also beyond… Sure your prediction would be accurate!!!

  3. I admire your prediction. If you can sense something for kanya rashi jataks 2021. It would help a lot. Regards Gargi

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