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Stock Market Astrology for 2020 Ahead- An Update

August 23, 2020 | Astrology, Financial Astrology

With reference to my Article dated May 17, 2020 & earlier Tweets, i would like to make few updates.

The following trend changes/movements were perfectly caught using the science of Astrology.

  1. Upward rally from 8055 in April 1st week to 9800++
  2. Upward rally from May 22/23 exactly from 8800 levels to rise of more than 1000 points.
  3. Almost sideways movement from 1st week of June to 18th June.
  4. Trend change and sharp rise again from 18th June 2020.

Now after that i had been expecting a downward trend to start majorly since August 17th, however the same is not looking to happen immediately as per the market behaviour, hence writing this update.

Further, kindly note that i had given a level and said 9889 may be difficult to break, however it was broken significantly and market has rallied to more than 11400.

Now coming to levels, given it has been broken, the downside target of 6000 also becomes invalid. Trend changes are more important to judge from planetary movements, rathen than exact levels. There are various ways and methods to predict even levels, however that would require daily detailed analysis and lots of other inputs. I would request whoever is reading the article, to kindly follow me on twitter for regular updates and trade ideas, if any. Market astrology is something which does require a regular update on the predictions already made and also understand the thought process of the writer rather than reading word to word.

Now coming to what is likely to happen.

There are several events which are happening as per under:

  1. Aug 25th 2020 (Bullish) : Mars Saturn Square
  2. Sept 6th 2020 (Bearish to sideways) : Mars declination changing from North to South.
  3. Sept 22nd 2020 (Trend change): Mercury enters Libra
  4. Sept 29th 2020 (High Trend change): Mars (Retro) Saturn Square
  5. Sept 29th 2020: Saturn turns direct
  6. 10th Oct 2020 (Bearish): Mars Square Pluto
  7. Oct 14th 2020 (Abrupt movements in Market): Mercury turns retrograde and turns direct on 3rd Nov
  8. Oct 25th 2020 (Trend change): Sun Mercury Conjunction
  9. Nov 13th 2020 (Trend change): Jupiter Conjunction Pluto
  10. Nov 16th 2020 (Bearish): Jupiter square Venus
  11. Mid December the Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn

Currently, the market should not be bearish unless around 6th-13th Sept Nifty turns around from a very high level say a new high. Hence around 6th-13th Sept we must have a watch on the market if it is at the highest level we may look at a trend down. Then around end of Sept to Oct 1st week this period is very important and major markets in world may top out for the year. From Oct, Nov to December when Great conjunction happens, it doesn`t augur too good a time and trend changes should be cautiously looked into according to the planetary events. The US Election also happens in November, and this years it will be memorable for some matter which shall unfold.

We are entering into an interesting time of 2020 which is the last quarter of 2020. Not only shall we remember this 2020 for Covid 2019 but also events which shall happen in last quarter of 2020.

I would further be updating on Twitter as and when time goes with modifications if any required on above analyis and Nifty or Sensex levels if any required for articulation based on the then planetary movements. Also as and when necessary the detailed cycle changes as per the planetary effects I would try to articulate over twitter. Planetary study is the most complex and does require regular updates to find if any contra planetary movement is working against the expectations.

Disclaimer: The above article is just an analysis and trying to glean from Planets how the markets may behave in future. There is no such recommendation or advice and the author wouldn’t be responsible for any kind of losses incurred due to any action taken pursuant to the Article written. Further, trade ideas requires vey detailed analysis and warrants lot of investment of time, which currently its not possible for me to gather.

4 thoughts on “Stock Market Astrology for 2020 Ahead- An Update”

  1. Can we be bullish on nifty till mid oct ? Or we can expect more downfall ? Will we still see “around end of Sept to Oct 1st week this period is very important and major markets in world may top out for the year”
    Please update us regarding latest market astrology

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