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What is Sun ? Insight Into Effects of Sun in a Horoscope

July 16, 2019 | Astrology, Horoscope


Sun is the King of all planets. Without Sun there would be no existence of any other planet. This is a basic astronomy and we all know that all the other planets revolves around the Sun and Sun is the center of attraction-a ball full of energy. If there is no energy or light, there is no potential life in any of the planets and there would definitely be no life on Earth. Sun is to the horoscope what Soul is to a Body !

Sun is owner of zodiac sign Leo. Sign Leo also represents East &; Sun also rises in the East. Sun gets exalted in Aries and debilitated in Libra. Sun is a Ball of Fire bubbling with energy.

Sun is also father of Saturn. There is lack of cordial relationship between Saturn and Sun and hence in Vedic Astrology whenever we find affliction in a horoscope there exist situation where the native does not enjoy good relation with his father or he does not enjoy happiness of father or natives father doesn’t live long in case of serious affliction.

Sun as the description suggests also denotes relation with King or any relation with the Government. While analyzing for government job it is very essential to see Position of Sun (King) and Saturn (significant of Karma, work etc) and Sun`s natural ownership zodiac sign Leo. Since, in Naisargic horoscope Leo is ruled in the 5th house, we must also take into consideration 5th house & 10th House being house of Karma/work.

Sun is a planet full of energies and fire.
 Hence, accordingly results are derived in the horoscope. If Sun is in Ascendant in 1st house, then the person is full of energy provided also that Sun remains un-afflicted. It also makes a person headstrong and full of confidence and bring arrogance. Similarly, weak sun represents lack of confidence in the person. Sun`s placement in 7th house means the married life is generally full of issues and the native may not enjoy the comforts of his/her partner fully. This is because sun burns the activities denoted by the house.

Sun is the center of entire universe and similarly it represents Heart in a human body. A weak/afflicted Sun would mean that there may be weakness in heart or capacity of pumping in a horoscope may be lower, etc. In my experience, i found that even Exalted Sun in 4th house afflicted by Ketu, the heart transplant happened when Saturn transited the 64th Navamsha from Sun. Sun has effect on being bald, inflammable issues in stomach, problems in bones, eyes, brain, causes fever, typhoid, brain disorders, nose and throat diseases, diarrhoea etc. Hence, remedies of sun is important to alleviate any diseases affected due to affliction of Sun in horoscope.

Sun is the planet which brings name & fame to the native. Sun`s strong placement is essential for natives looking for powerful position or political strength. Hence, in politicians horoscope we see strength of Sun and extent to which one would be successful in politics. Also in palmistry, a good sun line would mean a highly confident person and that he would be lucky and famous.

Sun is also a key planet in determining the strength of the horoscope and consequentially effect on longevity.       

Sun God is depicted in Indian mythology as riding a chariot harnessed by seven horses, which represent the seven colors of light and seven days in a week.

Sun`s stone is Ruby and one may be advised to wear ruby stone to strengthen the Sun and its effects on self. However, one must take an expert advise from an astrologer before wearing any stone or performing remedies.

Sun is such a key planet, you can write for ages about it. We would write more about Sun at a later time along with more examples and explanations in a horoscope. 


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