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June 12, 2020 | Astrology, Mundane Astrology

Mars Retrograde

Mars- the Red planet is getting retrograde on September 10th, 2020. It would be in Aries sign at the time of getting retrograde. Till October 4th 2020 it would be in Aries sign only.

World is talking about many planets getting retrograde in June and eclipses occuring which would create major tension in political arena or incite war. Yes eclipse of June 21st is very important and would be significant of any major event or may also trigger the start of the end of this pandemic. However, Mars retrograde cycle is more harmful than this June 2020 till July 5th 2020 period where i do not see much of those effects.

Coming back to when Mars is retrograde and in Aries (firy sign) there may be few colossal fire incidents in the world including but not limited to bombing at 1-2 locations. Generally in Aries sign, Mars would not give much negative result.

Around October 5th 2020, it enters Pisces, a watery sign. Mars in Pisces is not a good sign as far as mundane astrology is concerned. A ship shall sink, some air/train accidents would happen, fire in flight or fire in train or fire in ship or fire in unusual place is very likely. Few earthquakes may occur. Some droughts and unexpected floods in some areas would also occur. Australia, US and India are important countries.

Some important country like US, India, China etc may bring an important regulation/laws which may have a large effect going forward.

Mars represents aggression and there would be tensions between few countries like US-China, India-US, India-Pak, etc.

There may be deaths of couple of top politicians across or any key actor/actress, may be due to accident or suddenly. In general plenty of accidents should occur during the Mars retrograde period in Pisces.

Mars retrogression ends on November 14th 2020. Between the periods when it is retrograde, loss of lives is likely and in general we would see higher people leaving from this world. During this time whichever person is elected as Top leader like in case of US President election, that person is not likely to complete his entire tenure of office of his/her being elected. During the period when Mars is retrograde, the financial markets would also be facing volatility for some part of this period. There may be bloodbath in equity markets during those particular days within this cycle and then also a sharp rebound.

Mars- The Red Planet

13 thoughts on “RETROGRADE MARS IN 2020”

  1. Hey Sumit.. This looks serious stuff.. God bless all of us.. Hoping that the effects are minimal to all of us..

  2. Scary…..!
    You predict so near to accurate things. Though I am aware how occupied you are, even then I wished you to predict my varshfal alike.

  3. Sushant Singh Rajput is no more….. What else to say….. You are truely blessed with such right predictions… God bless us all

  4. Sumit so much negativity already in air with Covid peaking in all states.
    Mars retrograde we can’t stop so all disasters. It’s better to communicate some positive aspect however truth is bitter

    We also have Annual solar eclipse around and astrologers up their antennas for negative predictions

  5. We are passing through a very bad time. Negativity is already in the air. Pls provide some positive news!

  6. Sumit
    You have very correct most of the times
    Any reasons you see for so much of negativity in world and that too spread across the globe
    Pl share the positives during this period

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