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Narendra Modi- Making Of A Brand & His Future Post 2024

September 16, 2022 | Astrology, Celebrity Horoscope, Horoscope, Politicians

Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi is the best PM which Independent India can ever have. There has been lots of confusion and disagreements between many astrologers on his accurate horoscope. Some people have taken as Libra Asc while few have taken Scorpion Asc.

I have made various predictions in the past regarding our honorable PM and most of them were accurate. I am sure that it is definitely not the standalone analysis of Prashna chart which can provide accuracy and it definitely leads me to believe that his Scorpion ascendant is the correct one. There are many examples and events in his life which has happened & the same can be corroborated with Scorpion Asc rather than Libra. Legendary astrologer Honorable Shri K N Rao ji has also taken his ascendant as Scorpion only.

His image as a “Chai Wala” is the crux in life and in Scorpion Ascendant, Saturn and Moon aspects the Taurus sign signifies the signification of tea in life. There are multiple Raj Yogas which are present in Scorpion Asc. One of the Panch Mahapurusha yoga is the Ruchak yoga which creates a “Natural leader” in a person. It also creates a personality which is dominating type and hence opposition criticizes for being a Hitler or Kingship.

Kalpadruma yoga bestowing fame is there in scorpion ascendant only. Atmakaraka planet is Saturn in 10th house in Sun`s Nakshatra & in Sun`s sign Leo signifies Ascetic & very tough life to the native in the early & middle period. Person has to toil a lot and lot to bring the shine of gold in the last part of one`s life. Saturn is the key planet in this horoscope along with other strength. Person is stern and disciplined and cannot tolerate wrong doings. Also we should note that Scorpions are also revengeful (like Scorpio) and they might retaliate while at front they are very polite. Very honest and believing in Justice are the characteristic of Scorpions. 

In his life, 27th Feb-Early March has played for major events twice till now. Those events have become a hallmark in one`s life. One was on 27th Feb 2001 when the Godhra Riots happened and on 27th Feb 2019 Balakot Air-strike happened. Both the events were hallmark of Modi`s life and it changed the life thereafter. These dates were important as Venus activation was the cause of such events in his life. Once more this will repeat in his life around the same date (Feb end and early March) in future. This timeline of March 2019 was earlier also predicted accurately (Click here to re-visit those predictions).

Saturn & Rahu`s impact has to be very effective in a politician horoscope along with Sun. Here Saturn is in Leo sign (lord Sun) in Uttaraphalguni Nakshatra (Sun`s Nakshatra) and in Pushkar Navamsha. Jupiter is aspect Saturn as well. Jupiter is also Rahu`s dispositor. Effectively the right mix of being a great politician is perfectly displayed in the 10th House.

Mars is powerfully disposed in the horoscope conjunct with Moon and also Ghatika lagna. Moon & Mars both become very powerful in terms of giving authority and power to the person. Hence, in Moon and Mars Dasha period, he is the Prime Minister of India with great power & authority. Mars and Jupiter are having exchange of nakshatra which is a really powerful combination for a Scorpion making one a very popular personality. Moon, Mars & Saturn all the Yoga giving planets are in the most auspicious Pushkar Navamsha.

Venus being in his own nakshatra and in 10th from Moon as well as Asc is a big combination and the person creates a lifetime legacy about oneself. In the future, he would go down as a history creator and he will be known a person who demonstrated the true democracy of India. Greatest PM of all time & shall be awarded a global recognised reward in future. Also this combination creates a significant event at age of 45. Further, Venus also gives an effect of creating a grievance or bitterness against someone in life which remains very long say 25-40 years type. I am sure this only Modi ji can testify to general people. There were also a chance of some lady coming in his life which might have created hindrances. But we do not have any evidence in public relating to the same. However, we may also relate that he was married with Yashodaben and immediately Modi ji without consummating the marriage left it. He must have thought that this relationship will create hindrances in his path to glory. It may also be for this reason that somewhere in his political life that some lady opponent would have installed lots of foul mouthing and criticism etc.

Vishakha nakshatra is the nakshatra of achievements and with Venus 2nd half of dasha, the real effects starts manifesting on Modi ji which activated after December 1994. It make a person exemplary and goal oriented towards his objectives in his life. Moon being in Anuradha Nakshatra (of Saturn), person is eloquent and very good at dealings. However, at times when they are perturbed the person may also be short tempered and psycho for brief moments. They are also very possessive for success and feel very dejected if they face loss at any time.

Also at age of 26 they become active in life. Modi ji was appointed general secretary of the “Gujarat Lok Sangharsh Samiti”, an RSS committee co-ordinating opposition to the Emergency in Gujarat during the same time. Modi was forced to go underground in Gujarat and frequently travelled in disguise to avoid arrest. He became involved in printing pamphlets opposing the government, sending them to Delhi and organising demonstrations. During this period, Modi ji also wrote a book in Gujarati, Sangharsh Ma Gujarat (In The Struggles of Gujarat), describing events during the Emergency.

Native believes in mysticism and future sciences very much & they are very firm believer in Astrology science etc. Scorpion people with strong moon are very firm believer in Lord Shiva. We all know how many times he has visited the divine Jyotirlingas. In 2019, prior to waiting for the election result he went for meditation in Kedarnath. They also believe in liberal values and treat everyone equally.

As per the horoscope, effectively after the age of 40 the life shows right direction and particularly at age of 45 a major event happens. At the age of 40, Narendra Modi ji helped organize the Ram Rath Yatra for Lal Krishna Advani ji. In 1994 he returned to BJP electoral process and specifically at age of 45 he was appointed BJP`s national secretary. This was the start of his political golden life. After the middle of Venus dasha these manifestations were displayed which continued thereafter.

7th October 2001 he was first sworn in as Chief Minister of Gujarat for the first time in his 52nd Age. Both 45th and 52nd is very important ages for Scorpion Ascendant particularly 52nd. In my experience I have found many cases of Scorpion ascendant (male people) who are having a major change in life particularly in their work life around the age of 51. Modi ji completed 51 exactly on 17th Sept 2001 and it triggered this major change in his life. Since then he has only lived like a King. However, during the entire Sun dasha period he was under the severe charges of 2001 riots and several enquiries and political vendetta etc. Moment Moon, the Yoga giving planet, period started in 2011, Supreme Court gave a clean chit to him and further going ahead his good name and fame kept on rising very high.

Saturn is very strong as well as malefic being in Leo sign creates issues in the living thing part of the life. Non-living things are glorified beyond infinity. 20th July 2018 Modi delivered a fantastic speech in the parliament which shall go down in history in golden memories. Around this date the Ascendant was very active which coincides with this event.

We all remember Modi ji had several times gone emotional and almost shed tears in public appearance. This can happen only in Scorpion Ascendant. First time he entered the Parliament he was so emotional. 5th and 10th house has the highest Bhava Bala which is added benefit for a person in politics.


During the time when elections are proposed in 2024, Ketu would be transiting over Sun and Mercury although 11th from Moon. Although it will not reach the negative part of the sign, however, to certain extent it will try to play some negativity prior to the election. It will however not be good enough to create any significant damage and ultimately Modi ji should take away and win the elections. However, it may be only as good a victory which he has got earlier in a relatively challenging environment.

However, it would further be prudent to see the events if any around Feb end & March in 2024 how the strategy of BJP unfolds. There is certainly going to be new discussion points prior to election on some radical changes in the upcoming 2-3-year period. Economy and development shall be high on agenda plus NRC/CAA along with Hindutva as usual. New controversies relating to Hindutva etc shall unfold in the run up to the election. Congress will have confusion and may project different leader other then Gandhi for this election in collaboration with other parties. There is also a possibility of important leader in opposition due to which the sympathy may shift a little towards the opposition.

It may also be noted that after January 2023, some or the other small challenges regarding health may start which may remain nagging. Around March 2023 (+-2 months) health issues to mother may also be a possibility. This 73rd age also signifies activation of 8th house energies which is the house of death and major transformation. After mid of 73rd age when any major event happens, he will be back to strategizing for the 2024 elections. Many new things will pave the way for his new name and fame. Grand occasion of the new parliament will soon happen, and then the major grandiose inauguration of the Ram Mandir will show the way during the run up to election. Outcome of black money investigations shall also come in the form of bounties from the government.

After April 2025, there shall be a start of a larger phase which Modi ji shall enter and it shall signal lesser involvement and shift of responsibilities to someone else who would be hand-hold for the PM work and ultimately over the next 4-5 years that person shall be projected by BJP as the major leader for future. Within till 2026 end, it is a very important time because this major shift which seems to be appearing for Modi ji shall began manifesting. These overall phase shall not be without big challenges.  Most likely during this period and around Sept 2025, there will be inactivity and Modi ji might take himself off from the regular work. However, health may also affect him a little which general people may not know & he should overall be associated with work till Ketu enters Gemini maximum and till that time Modiji shall get off the daily routine completely during the transit of Ketu in Gemini. Going ahead, there will be issues relating to legs also and there might be some small surgery etc. Last part of Mars dasha is generally with anxieties around 2027.

We must also see the horoscope of BJP also to understand whether we can time if any issues are going to come. BJP`s horoscope is Gemini Asc. Rahu/Saturn/Mars are all in 3rd house in Leo sign. When Ketu will transit in Leo i.e May 2025 to Dec 2026, this will create disturbances in the party & we need to see the effects of the same which also synchronizes with Modi ji`s horoscope.

As per horoscope of Amit Shah, I feel in future there may be some divergence in his involvement and mid 2023 around he might have to fight out some issues or the other. Around 2nd October 2023 (+- 1-2 months), he is likely to take a large decision along with BJP which shall be impacting the election of 2024. Thereabout may be the possibility of clearance of UCC bill as well. I feel Amit Shah ji should remain careful of his health as it may keep pestering him on & off going ahead. In the overall scenario which may unfold after 2026, Amit Shah may choose to take up any other responsibility and may not be associated with the top post in Government in Centre. So it also implies that BJP may choose any other face for the succession of Modi ji. More details on the future leaders of BJP and whether BJP shall continue beyond 2029 as well shall, I shall analyse later.

5 thoughts on “Narendra Modi- Making Of A Brand & His Future Post 2024”

  1. Thanks, Jai hind,we always pray for better health and safety of Modiji,we wish BJP should stay forever,yogiji will be next prime minister, kejariwal should go away

  2. Beautifully explained the impact of star positions and there impact on life. We pray for strong country with good leadership of Modiji and wish him more strength from lord Shiva. Jai Hind

    1. Reading it on 9th August 23
      Enjoyed reading the para stating that opposition leaders in collaboration to fight elections

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