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When and how will the Corona Virus Pandemic End? An Astrological Insight

April 20, 2020 | Astrology, Mundane Astrology

Covid 19

There have been several requests to me for analyzing and predict astrologically when the Corona Virus would end given the current scenario.

For going into the details, I would like to take up my post in March 2019 wherein I had written that in Feb 2020 there would be some disaster. Click here to visit them.

Now what led me to predict such disaster which is happening in the form of a Pandemic. Rahu & Ketu are planets which represents epidemics and pandemics in Astrology. Rahu represents serpents, snakes, poisonous diseases and infections which is generally incurable. Ketu represents worms and viruses and diseases which may be curable.

Ketu has initiated transit in Moola Nakshatra since 16th January 2020 and Rahu entered Ardra since 12th September 2019. However it may be noted that Rahu and Ketu alone cannot create any disaster unless accompanied or provoked by other planetary position or relationship such as conjunction or opposition.

A major solar eclipse occurred on 26th December 2019 followed by a lunar eclipse on 11th January 2020. When two eclipses occur within 15 days, it is generally not auspicious.

Now coming to major trigger point. Mars is a destructive planet and Mars along with Ketu (Mars shadow) was together in Moola, the nakshatra of destruction and transformation, & conjunct in the 2nd half of February 2020. While these all along would not have been responsible in such a big worldwide disaster, but because of the presence of the Big Planet Jupiter (Jupiter being the planet of expansion) which again was in acceleration mode through Feb end and March 2020, it caused havoc in expanding the virus throughout the world. Hence Covid-19 went viral and spread throughout the world like anything. This was the major reason why the Corona Virus happened by way of astrological explanations as per my limited knowledge.

Now coming to solution and when it would go away. I had earlier contemplated that post the transit of Mars and Jupiter to Capricorn it would decrease a lot and by the end of April it should subside significantly. However, we must pay heed to following planetary events over next few months.

  • On 11th May 2020 Saturn gets retrograde.
  • On 14th May 2020 Venus gets retrograde.
  • On 15th May 2020 Jupiter gets retrograde.
  • On 20th May 2020 Rahu enters Mrigashira Nakshatra & leaves Ardra.
  • On 6th June 2020 there is a Lunar eclipse,
  • On 18th June 2020 Mercury gets retrograde.
  • On 21st June 2020 there is a Solar Eclipse
  • On 23rd June 2020 Neptune gets retrograde.
  • On 30th June 2020 Jupiter enters back Sagittarius.
  • On 5th July 2020 there is again a lunar eclipse.
  • On 23rd September 2020 Ketu leaves Moola Nakshatra and enters Jyestha.

Stationary & Retrograde motion of Jupiter & Saturn: In the above events, Saturn and Jupiter prior to getting retrograde, both of them would be stationary in the first week of May and till 10-13th May 2020. Hence by end of April to May 1st week the stationary state of the planets may ensure that the spread of the disease gets contained significantly and incremental new cases of people getting affected through virus should also decrease. With retrograde it would improve and restrict the spread of the disease.

Rahu going out from Ardra Nakshatra: This is an important event on May 20th wherein Rahu also being the signification of epidemics and pandemics will move out of Ardra Nakshatra to Mrigashira. Ardra nakshatra is ruled by Rudra and also signifies killing etc. Hence post May 20th 2020, fresh infection of people leading to death should stop after that.

Eclipse analysis: The cycle which started from 26th Dec 2019 solar eclipse may get completed on 21st June 2020 solar eclipse. However, further again occurrences of eclipses in the month of June may also be a cause of some calamity like earthquakes detailed article provided in my blog on prediction of earthquake.

Jupiter entering Sagittarius should not affect anything because Ketu have already been away by approx. 20 degrees. Hence there is effectively no such adverse effect.

Conclusion : Hence, the spread of the virus should peak out by end April to mid of May in most of the countries and then with passage of time it should gradually slow down and incremental cases would be much lower going ahead as and when we cross 20th May 2020. Significant decline should happen post this period and then towards the end of June post the eclipse it should significantly go away. In the most pessimistic scenario few of the cases would get healed when Ketu travels out of Moola Nakshatra on September 2020 which would mark the end of this pandemic.

10 thoughts on “When and how will the Corona Virus Pandemic End? An Astrological Insight”

  1. Thanks bhaiya for such detailed explanation. Most of your predictions turned out to be true so having full faith this too will be true. Any thing for west bengal in your predictions.

    1. The cure for the Coronavirus is the Tetanus rabies Vaccine because they feeding ppl animals with rabies?

  2. Good and sharp analysis, Sumit. Current trajectory of infected cases / fatalities also showing signs of improvement and COVID may plateau by your suggested timeline.
    However one question, is a second wave coming in November?

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