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West Bengal Election 2021: Insight through Astrology

January 17, 2021 | Astrology, Celebrity Horoscope, Horoscope, Mundane Astrology, Politicians

This is an attempt to give a perspective from Astrological insights from horoscope of Mamta Banerjee/other matters. Kindly note that it is only my personal opinion from pure study of Astrology and nothing else. Further, there is no assurance on the accuracy of the horoscopes studied.

Horoscope of our CM Mamta Banerjee available as per her official date of birth is as under:

Horoscope of Mamta Banerjee

It is Sagittarius Ascendant and Gemini Navamsha. Her Horoscope has some very strong combination which is evident in bringing her to such a state in her political career. Starting from nowhere she has risen to Chief Minister of a State and that too twice. For person to be successful in politics, it is necessary that Saturn & Rahu are strong along with 10th house and Sun. In her horoscope, Saturn is exalted and in 11th house in the Visakha Nakshatra which is ruled by Jupiter again the ascendant lord. Rahu & Ketu have nakshatra exchange in the Asc & 7th house axis. Mamta Banerjee is CM of WB since 2011 when Saturn dasha had been running. Even in 2016 when she had won the 2nd term, she was running Saturn -Venus dasha. Venus is in 12th house and is also the dispositor of Saturn. Saturn, Sun, Mercury & Jupiter are also placed in Pushkar Navamsha which adds to their strength.

Lets see what the chart says during the time when election results would be coming out in 2021. WB Election is expected to be conducted over April-May 2021. Lets assume that the results of the election would be declared in 2nd half of May.

Since April 2020, the dasha running is Saturn-Moon. It will run till November 2021. During May 2021, Saturn-Moon-Mercury would be running. Mercury is dispositor of Ketu (the cause of break in career). Ketu is aspecting Saturn also in Natal chart. Moon is exalted in 6th house which makes 8th house of sudden losses stronger. In my view, the time running as depicted by this suggests loss of position or definitely not a great positive win. Kaalchakra Dasha running would be Virgo-Cancer – which again is not so positive for her.

As per transit, Jupiter would be transiting at 64th Navamsha from the Venus. Saturn would be around 19–20 degree of capricorn. There are high chances of worker class people who had been supporting her in the past may turn awry and may not be thoughtful of supporting this time. Also there are chances that she may get hurt due to some animal creature or other people. It is nothing significant but this kind of event may denote that her time is not supportive. Around 2nd half of May, Saturn is progressed to natal placement of Ketu in the horoscope which is high significance of break in career. Ketu is also in 8th house in Navamsha in Capricorn sign.

The horoscope also has strong activation of Ketu and more particularly in the 2nd half of May. It is advisable to wear Catseye stone of a particular genre to reduce the negative effects. Around 1st week of June (3rd or 4th June), she might be having to denounce her position to new candidate. All in all the concentration in the horoscope is more towards the 7th & 8th house , Ketu the obstructing planet, and very less combinations suggesting a win etc. It is likely that the outcome of the election would be fathomed by her and it wont come as a surprise. With day passing and till April-May 2021, the waves would show the indication clearly. Mars is the lord of 64th Navamsha to the Moon, and it shall be aspecting the Asc and 8th from moon in May 2nd half. It is not a great sign.

As per another source, Mamta banerjee was born on July 11, 1960. Although the above horoscope studied may be incorrect, analysis has been synced with prashna and other methods. So I would stand by my analysis even if the horoscopes are not accurate. If we assume, 1960 birth details, broadly, 60th age and post Jupiter -Saturn conjunction in Dec 2020, it should bring a major change in life pattern. Hence, it may be deduced that she may have to vacate the position currently being held since 10 years. Further, April 2021 is also showing some kind of restriction and negativity and obstruction. And also April 2021 onwards, there would be mental anxiety to her. In April it may be reflecting that there one would get to know the losing campaign of TMC, if at all. We never know.

During the course of election campaign, there may be some small violence and a small attack on TMC leaders also. There may further be anxiety to them and it may further result in erratic and strange behaviour by some of the leaders. There might be interference of other state leaders and huge criticism to the state government. TMC would be inviting criticism even though they may not have done those acts.

Lets also have a look at the TMC Formation chart:

TMC Chart

Dasha running would be Rahu-Mars. Mars is lord of 64th Navamsha to the Moon. Transit saturn would be exactly over natal Mars. It does not signal positive.

It is believed that the horoscope of Mamta ji is accurate. However, accurate horoscopes are seldom available over the web. Broadly looking at the past events, the horoscopes seems very correct. TNC is likely to get around 40–47% of the seats they got last time i.e around 83–99 seats. BJP should end it around 188 seats. +-10 seats translating to 178–198 seats. Rest all is God.

I would like to firm up the analysis further, once i get the horoscopes of BJP leaders or prospect CM candidate of other parties or accurate details. Further, any updated shall be placed over my social media accounts on Twitter, FB.

7 thoughts on “West Bengal Election 2021: Insight through Astrology”

  1. I have many friends from West Bengal and every one of them are praying for BJP victory. As per them – WB will become islamic state in case TMC is able to form govt this time.
    I pray to god that your prediction goes correct sir.

  2. Apki prediction galat hogi.or mamata banerji d.o.b correct nahi hai. Mamata banerji will be 3rd time chief minister of west bengal. I am from west bengal.

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