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Citibanks Fate and future market scenario

January 6, 2009 | Financial Astrology


Dear All,

I am writing again after a long period. Some interesting analysis brings me to write here. The alternative retrograde cycle of mercury is beginning on 13th January 2009. So in effect it will cause negative impact on the markets after around 15th January 2009. A minor upward correction could begin on 21st january to 27th january. Again in first week of february there is Rahu-Jupiter Conjunction. So it will cause in bringing the bottom of the markets in the next 2 months ahead.

So it looks to exit the markets around 13th -14th January and reappear at a lower level or a new low which may be around 6700-6800.

Just going through the Citibanks horoscope (taking 16th June 1812 as the date of incorporation), it appears as if the bank is going to face a severe problem ahead. Retrograde Saturn is in Sagi at 14 degree 10 minutes. Ketu is travelling in 64th navamsha to it and may be around feb-march it will collide it degrecally and some other fatal combinations. SO looks as if it may be under some major problem.

My take will be to remain cautious in the days ahead and plan accordingly to make investments in market after post mid-march.

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