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Tamil Nadu Election 2021 : Astrology Insight

March 7, 2021 | Astrology, Celebrity Horoscope, Horoscope, Mundane Astrology, Politicians

We would need to analyse the horoscopes of both the probable candidates of DMK and AIADMK. This is an attempt to give a perspective from Astrological insights from horoscope of TN political Leaders/other matters. Kindly note that it is only my personal opinion from pure study of Astrology and nothing else.

M K Stalin is the leader for DMK & a probable CM candidate.

Lets first have a look at horoscope of M K Stalin.

Horoscope of M K Stalin

The horoscope has very unique positions specially in the Central bhavas. Sun, Moon & Asc all are in Pushkar Navamsha which signifies a very strong rise in life and these kind of people have the ability to achieve a lot in life.

In the horoscope, the malefic planets are very strong and almost in control over the affairs in life which is good for politicians

Vimshottari Dasha running on May 2nd would be Saturn-Moon- Mercury. Saturn being lord of 4th house would not act as malefic. It also being in dagdha rashi in 12th house which will bestow positive results in some part of its dasha. Saturn is also the lord of the Nakshatra in which Asc is placed. Moon is placed in 10th lord Nakshatra & Mercury again is placed in Saturn`s Nakshatra. Hence, the dasha running would bestow positive results only.

Moon is lord of Badhksthana also & also dispositor of Ketu which is negative to certain extent.

Saturn Dasha is activating the Sun in 4th house of masses & homeland. Saturn is placed in Lagnamsha & 5th from Arudha Lagna in D9.

In transit, Ketu is at 10th from Sun however it is in Scorpio, however this negativity is controlled to large extent by the Moon`s placement opposite to Sun. Hence, this would be mixed for Stalin.

Stalin is running 69th year of his life. This year specially for Scorpion Asc. is very positive and life changing eventsalso tend to occur during this period & more so when the Arudha Lagna is in 1/5/9th house. Remember our PM Narendra Modi ji also in 69th year won the 2nd term.

In the Astakvarga, on 2nd May 2021, in Stalin`s horoscope all the major planets are transiting over auspicious points. It is a great positive for rise in position.

However, if he manages to win and form a Govt there would be lots of issues after 9-12 months or so to his government. In spite of him being doing his work in all the honesty, the criticism/allegations may not stop.

Now let us see the horoscope of Eddappadi K Palanisami whether the time is that great positive to retain the CM position. His date of birth is 12th May 1954. His time of birth would be around 11 AM, however, his exact time of birth is not available.

Horoscope of Eddappadi K Pallaniswami

In his horoscope again, the malefic planets are very strong to bring the person to such stature.

Saturn`s transit in Capricorn after 17 degree is not so good & also it is progressing in the Aquarius sign being the 8th house of horoscope. Horoscope also has 8th house activation around 2nd May and it may thus be a reason of transformation. Also Pluto the planet of major transformation is also getting active in horoscope. However, transit of Rahu-Ketu is somewhat positive only.

Dasha running would be Saturn-Venus which in the Rashi chart has 8th house relation (Venus being in 8th to Saturn). From Rectified dasha still, Mercury-Jupiter would be running. That is also not that positive. Ashtottari dasha also is mixed being Rahu-Mercury- Jupiter.


Based on the planetary situations on May 2nd 2021 & horoscopes of both the probable candidates of DMK & AIADMK, it seems that Mr. Stalin would be able to achieve a win however it is not going to be an easy or a straight forward one. The fight should be a close one & Mr. Stalin would just be able to fetch it off and win ahead for becoming the CM of the state.

One thought on “Tamil Nadu Election 2021 : Astrology Insight”

    mkstalin is not standing alone- but with allies- who will not get more than 1 or 2 seats each. Thier Horoscope should also be checked
    Secondly u have not told ABOUT THE ASHTAMA SHANI- CHECK THAT PLEASE IN mkstalin’s horoscope.

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